Book No 2 (2014) : Appletree Yard

AppTreeYardThis was the book I read in one sitting. Louise Doughty has written a page-turning thriller, charting the descent of a respectable woman into a world which contrasts sharply with her hitherto conservative life.

The book begins and concludes with Yvonne’s court trial for a crime which is revealed towards the end of the book. Trying to figure out what she has done, is a puzzle for the reader.

It’s certainly compelling, but I have an issue with the central premise of the book. Which is that Yvonne, the central character, embarks upon a passionate affair with a man she meets whilst working in London. Well, it’s not really an affair – even Yvonne describes it as ‘Sex. And coffee’. She doesn’t know the chap’s name, or what he does for a living, or where he lives.

Maybe I have had a sheltered life but I am the same age (more or less) as Yvonne and life can be a little pedestrian sometimes. Nevertheless, I am not going to let some strange bloke s**g me in an underground crypt, just because he smiled nicely at me over a latte! Throughout the whole book, my rational brain was screaming ‘but a real person wouldn’t do that’! Or even ‘do that’.

If you can suspend your belief and relish descriptions of knee-tremblers in the back streets of our capital, it’s a great read!


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