Book No 26 (2014) : The Back Road

back roadPsychological thrillers seem to be very popular at the moment. I discovered this as an Amazon Kindle ‘Daily Deal’ 99p bargain. At that price, it wouldn’t have mattered if I only read the first chapter then abandoned it.

Set in a rural village, the book opens with a young girl trying to escape across the fields at night. We don’t know who from, but she is obviously terrified and desperate to get away. She finally makes her way to the Back Road of Little Melham, but is knocked down by a passing car. The driver fails to stop. The focus shifts to Ellie Saunders, her family and circle of friends. As news of the hit-and-run spreads, several villagers fall under suspicion – someone has something to hide.

In lots of ways this reminded me of an Agatha Christie mystery. A well-defined cast of characters, carefully linked by plots. sub-plots and sub plots of sub-plots. Just when I thought I had sussed out one of the mysteries, the narrative took another twist and my deductions were revealed as cunning red herrings. Pleasingly though, the ending drew all the loose threads into an extremely satisfying conclusion. This book won’t change your life, but it might allow you to forget about it for a few hours!

I’ve actually already bought Rachel Abbott’s latest offering, ‘Sleep Tight’ (also for 99p!). I’ll let you know how I get on with it.


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