Almost 50:50

I am a law-abiding person. I never drop litter or drive in bus lanes, download pirate movies or place an unexpected item in the bagging area. But there is one rule which I consistently break, and it’s the unwritten one which says that once you start a book, you have to finish it. Lets face it, if a meal is congealing on the plate, you skip to dessert. If the TV is rubbish, you channel hop. So why on Earth go through the motions of finishing a book which fails to intrigue, amuse or educate?

As I set myself the task of reading a book a week this year, I haven’t had time to faff about with ones which really didn’t light my fire.

These are the ones which I started but I didn’t finish :

  • Siri Hustvedt : What I Loved
  • John le Carre : A Delicate Truth
  • Howard Jacobson : The Finkler Question
  • Jonas Jonasson : The 100 Year Old Man who Climbed out the Window
  • Neil Gaiman : The Ocean at the End of the Lane
  • Chuck Palahniuk : Fight Club

Does anyone want to persuade me I should have persevered with any of these?!

hustvedtdelicate truthfinkler100 year old manocean at the end of the lanefight club



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