Book No 35 (2014) : The Husband’s Secret

husbands secretThe back cover of the book tells you that Cecelia reads a letter written by her husband, so I knew she was going to peruse it at some stage. But by the time I’d got to Chapter 18, page 167, I was beginning to wonder if she was ever going to open the damn envelope or just accidentally suck it up in the Dyson. But accidental hooverings-up wouldn’t be Cecilia’s style at all. She is Superwoman; Tupperware consultant extraordinaire, PTA fund-raiser, faithful wife, loyal friend and devoted mother. Her life is a well-oiled, slick operation. Until the day she opens the envelope.

This novel is artfully plotted, each short chapter places another piece of the puzzle in place. There are essentially three threads – Cecilia and her family, Tess O’Leary who leaves her husband when he reveals his extra-marital affair and Rachel Crowley, mother of the murdered Janie. The characters are humane and credible, and Moriarty is witty. With wry humour, she captures the social tunes to which we all dance. However this is a book with emotional depth, at its heart exploring how the difference between right and wrong can be a grey area when it comes to protecting those we love.

‘The Husband’s Secret’ kept me very hush-hush for a couple of days.



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