Book No 37 (2014) : Divergent

divergentDivergent‘ was released on DVD on 5 August 2014 and although I’d heard of it, I’ve neither read it nor seen the film. Having said that, quite a few teenage bookworms have raved about it to me, so I wanted to see what the fuss is about. Typically for me, I decided to read the book!

In a dystopian future, society is divided into five factions, the members of which epitomise Selflessness (Abnegation), Bravery (Dauntless), Intelligence (Erudite), Honesty (Candor) and Peacefulness (Amity). Beatrice Prior has been born and raised in Abnegation but, like all teenagers, there comes a point when she has to decide whether to remain in the faction of her upbringing, or forsake her family and join another. The decision is hers, but she is subjected to an aptitude test to identify her natural inclinations and so guide her choice. Beatrice’s test results are inconclusive. She will not fit neatly into any of the pre-defined boxes. This fact marks her as Divergent – unconventional and uncontrollable. A threat to the faction rulers.

Comparisons with ‘The ‘Hunger Games‘ is inevitable and most agree that Katniss and her contemporaries are more inspiring than Beatrice (Tris) and hers. I am not about to disagree, however that may be because the ‘Hunger Games’ came first? I enjoyed ‘Divergent‘. It is a bit gruesome and violent in places, but Tris is a gutsy heroine; there is a bit of love interest as well as a coming-of-age perspective, conspiracy theories and power struggles.

Once I’d finished the book, I felt compelled to take the online aptitude test to discover the faction to which I would belong. My instincts told me I would be dyed-in-the-wool Amity, but was I surprised by my result….


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