Looking backwards and forwards

stocksPublic humiliation has changed. Not for me a pelting with rotten tomatoes or a thrashing in the village square. Instead, I just have to admit on my blog that I failed to achieve the goals I set for myself a year ago. Oh dear.

The challenge had been to read 50 books, see 50 films and lose 50lbs in 2014, my 50th year.

I read 46 books, saw 45 films and lost 0lbs (in fact, I gained weight).

But I am not downhearted. In a way I am quite excited, because having not quite made it last year, gives me the opportunity to give it another go!

50 books and 50 films in one year. I’d also like to try to lose weight, but I found the process of sharing that journey publicly on the Internet very painful, so have decided to fight that battle in private!

So, come along with me for the action replay as. yet again, I embark upon my own 50/50 Challenge.

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