Ditching the lbs No 1

human BarbieThe more astute of my followers have noticed that, almost 2 weeks into the year, I have been strangely silent on the 3rd part of my challenge. Reading books and watching movies is entertaining. Losing weight is not and, for me, it’s going to be the hardest part of the year.

Lets just get one thing straight. Unlike the oddly fascinating ValeriaLukyanova, I do not aspire to be a human Barbie doll! I have struggled with weight loss and dieting for 35 years. This strikes me as an inordinate waste of emotion and energy, but (despite my rational self) where my fat is concerned, my dress size is directly proportionate to the level of my self-worth. I believe this is a psychological characteristic I share with many women – the size of my arse is my personal Richter Scale of self-esteem. It’s really very simple – the higher I go on the Dress Denominator, the lower I go on the Importance Indicator. At Size 20 I am completely worthless, at 14 I am competent but unremarkable, at 10 I would set the world on fire with my brilliance!

terrysI have long given up any notions of ever being a size 10, but I aspire to be normal. Size 14 or so. Losing 10lbs would put me squarely in that bracket.

My diet of choice is the widely publicised The Fast Diet. 2 days a week of 500 calories, 5 days a week of eating ‘normally’. So, yesterday was a Fasting Day: I ate a small bowl of porridge, an orange, 2 eggs and some smoked salmon. Today is a ‘normal’ day – I’ve eaten a bowl of cereal and half a Terry’s Chocolate Orange. Well, that is normal for me! Doesn’t seem like a recipe for weight loss success to me, but I’ll keep you posted!


50/50 The Maths

mathsMathematics has never been my strong point, it is all a mystery. However, I have been trying to figure out how much reading I need to do in order to manage to read a book a week.

I read ‘AppleTree Yard’ in one sitting, about 8 hours. Its 448 pages long, so I read 56 pages an hour. That is roughly a page a minute. Now I know that the number of words on a page will vary a bit, but surely not that much? If the average novel is 500 pages long, I need to read for 500/60 hours to finish it. I make that 8.33333333 recurring hours per book.

If I’m going to read 50 books in a year, that’s 50 x 8.34 hours in a year. Total 417.

So, to reach the 50/50 target, I will have to read for 417/365 hours each day.

That’s 1.14 hours a day.

What on earth is .14 of an hour?! I’ll settle for ‘just over an hour’. Every day for a year.