Book No 41 (2014) : Old Magic in Everyday Life

old magicIt’s a weird thing reading a book which someone you know has written – but having read ‘Old Magic in Everyday Life’, I feel very lucky to know its author, Mhairi (known as ‘Vav’) Simon. Her book is a very personal account of her gifts as a healer and her connection with Mother Nature. Interspersed with tales of earlier lives recalled, and her current earthly life remembered, are words of wisdom and warmth. She urges us all to indulge our senses, re-connect with our inner selves and our lands. She mourns the passing of the old ways, delights in the healing gifts with which she has been blessed and tells lots of funny stories to boot. It’s a delightful read, one which provokes inner reflection but just as easily lends itself to discussion with others.

The book made me think. Made me think that maybe I think too much. Upon reading it, I came to realise that I have virtually no spiritual life at all. I don’t pray, meditate. or visualise: I rarely commune with Nature, other than out walking the dog (and even then I sometimes stop to get through the next level on Candy Crush or send daft Snapchats). Having declared myself an atheist several years ago, I seem to have detached myself from all inner life.  Because my body is a battleground and I live uncomfortably in it, the notion of focussing on it and channelling energy to promote personal wellbeing is just not on my  inner radar. These are things which I need to address and the book does have a useful set of exercises at the back, aimed at encouraging self-awareness.

If you are even remotely interested in magic in a very broad sense, this little gem will cast a spell on you. No smoking cauldrons or eye of newt, just centuries-old wisdom.