50/50 The Maths

mathsMathematics has never been my strong point, it is all a mystery. However, I have been trying to figure out how much reading I need to do in order to manage to read a book a week.

I read ‘AppleTree Yard’ in one sitting, about 8 hours. Its 448 pages long, so I read 56 pages an hour. That is roughly a page a minute. Now I know that the number of words on a page will vary a bit, but surely not that much? If the average novel is 500 pages long, I need to read for 500/60 hours to finish it. I make that 8.33333333 recurring hours per book.

If I’m going to read 50 books in a year, that’s 50 x 8.34 hours in a year. Total 417.

So, to reach the 50/50 target, I will have to read for 417/365 hours each day.

That’s 1.14 hours a day.

What on earth is .14 of an hour?! I’ll settle for ‘just over an hour’. Every day for a year.