Film No 4 (2014) : The Heist

deer hunterthe heistIn my mind, Christopher Walken is a scary bloke – I always remember him wearing that red bandana whilst playing Russian Roulette in ‘The Deer Hunter’. It felt a bit incongruous to see him playing a mild-mannered museum guard in ‘The Heist’. The film has a great cast; as well as Christopher Walken, it stars Morgan Freeman and William.H.Macy (‘Fargo‘, ‘Magnolia‘). Three art museum curators plot to steal two paintings and a sculpture after the museum management decides to move the pieces to Europe.  It is obvious that the would-be crooks’ plans will not go smoothly, and the ensuing mishaps threaten the success of the heist.

But, oh dear, what a slow film. Billed as a comedy and with a cover that depicts an action thriller, the movie is actually a gentle stroll, a comment on the power of art – with a few mild chuckles thrown in.