Film No 8 (2015) : The Maze Runner

maze runner 2Thomas (Dylan O’Brien) is deposited into The Glade, a community of boys which appears to be self-sufficient but whose existence is dominated by The Maze. The massive stone structure opens every day, allowing an elite group of boys, known as ‘The Runners’ to explore its labyrinthine corridors and try to identify a way out. But not everyone who goes in to the maze comes out unscathed; in fact, not every Runner comes out at all. The Maze is guarded by Grievers, vicious, mechanical creatures with a devastating sting. Thomas and a group of Gladers enter the Maze to try to break its codes once and for all. But as Thomas begins to regain his memories of his life before The Glade, the truth about his knowledge of the Maze and its creators starts to be revealed.

The action is fast-paced and there is an impressive line-up of accomplished teenage actors: Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Will Poulter and Aml Ameen all star. Dystopian storylines are in vogue at present and this adaptation of James Dashner’s book has no doubt appealed to fans of ‘The Hunger Games’ and ‘Divergent’. However, even though it is exciting, I don’t think ‘The Maze Runner’ is as interesting as other current films in this genre.

I want to confess one thing though; this film scared me. There were moments when I was watching through my fingers, in the same way as I used to watch the Daleks when I was a kid. Apparently, ‘The Maze Runner’ was rated 15 when it was in the cinemas; however, by removing or reducing a mere 43 seconds of ‘threat, violence and injury’, it was rated 12A for theatrical release. Hence why it appeared on Sky as a 12A. IMHO (this is a teenage movie, got to get with the lingo!) 43 seconds was not enough.


Film No 22 (2014) : We’re the Millers

the millersThis was the holiday film. You know the one. Where you rent a cottage and it chucks down with rain, so the kids are stuck indoors watching DVDs. By the end of the week, they can quote huge chunks of the dialogue, take the role of all the main characters and throw the catch phrases in to any conversation.

Starring Jennifer Aniston, Emma Roberts and Will Poulter, although ‘We’re the Millers’ has definite teen-appeal, it is a funny film. Dave the Drug dealer gets robbed, so is unable to pay his takings to the Brad the Boss. As payback, Brad sends him to Mexico to bring back what he euphemistically calls a ‘smidge’ of dope. Dave has no choice but to make the trip, but figures he will be less likely to arouse suspicion if travelling as part of a family taking an RV vacation. So he rounds up Kenny, (a young neighbour), Casey, (a homeless teenager) and Rose, (a stripper), to pose as his family. Collectively, they are the Millers. Together they make the trip across the border, encountering drugs barons, tarantulas and weird families en route.kenny

This film won’t change your life, but I defy anyone not to laugh! If you need to keep a few teenagers amused for a couple of hours, this will definitely do the trick. You will probably find yourself giggling, in spite of yourself. I did!