Film No 8 (2014) : Blue Jasmine

blue jasmineDirected by cinema veteran Woody Allen, Blue Jasmine is not a film you watch for the plot. The story line is straightforward – girl meets rich boy, lives enviable luxury lifestyle. Boy turns out to be a philanderer and a crook and is punished for his crimes. Girl loses everything. Cate Blanchett stars as the delusional Janette, alias Jasmine, trying to rebuild her life after her husband’s imprisonment. With no money or skills, she moves in with her sister and tries to make a new start. Ill-equipped as she is for life without luxury and privilege, Jasmine’s attempts are not entirely successful.

Blanchet’s depiction of Jasmine is flawless. She runs the gamut of emotions from hope, desperation, confusion, embarrassment and rage – wearing her heart on her sleeve, her facial expressions are the window to her soul. It’s obvious that Jasmine has been misguided in her choices, ignoring the myriad warning signs that all was not well with her charmed life. Nevertheless, I was rooting for her to find a way back to the security she craved, even if she didn’t deserve it!