50/50 The Maths

mathsMathematics has never been my strong point, it is all a mystery. However, I have been trying to figure out how much reading I need to do in order to manage to read a book a week.

I read ‘AppleTree Yard’ in one sitting, about 8 hours. Its 448 pages long, so I read 56 pages an hour. That is roughly a page a minute. Now I know that the number of words on a page will vary a bit, but surely not that much? If the average novel is 500 pages long, I need to read for 500/60 hours to finish it. I make that 8.33333333 recurring hours per book.

If I’m going to read 50 books in a year, that’s 50 x 8.34 hours in a year. Total 417.

So, to reach the 50/50 target, I will have to read for 417/365 hours each day.

That’s 1.14 hours a day.

What on earth is .14 of an hour?! I’ll settle for ‘just over an hour’. Every day for a year.



3 thoughts on “50/50 The Maths

  1. Olivia Jan 9, 2014 / 4:48 pm

    9 minutes. 😉 69 minutes a day in total. But lots of novels are a lot less than 400 pages. I find it hard to read without eating, so it would be the worst kind of “distraction” to accompany a year of dieting for me. Whereas taking hundreds of photos with the webcam and weeding them down to a few dozen seems to prevent my eating for hours on end most days at the moment! :lol Only problem is that end up taking huge amounts of photos. At least it’s all in pixels, doesn’t take up real physical space like big boards of oil pastel and acrylic paint abstracts do! 🙂 Days like today when I think that I had better not take any more for fear of seeming irredeemably narcissistic 😉 , nuts, or simply tedious, so that take none at all, ( also because the pc crashed four times in 20 minutes this morning and took a lot of disk cleaning, restoration, junk file binning, start-menu trimming, etc, before it would work again :lol ) I eat more again while comfort-reading old favourites.

    How is the lb-trimming going? Good luck with it all. Hope that your next book is rather more exciting/interesting/rewarding than the first two. 🙂

    Olivia x

    • inthenickioftime Jan 10, 2014 / 7:32 pm

      Thanks for the answer, Olivia – it really did have me flummoxed! I have been viewing your pics with interest – they are all so different! I will post about the lbs over the weekend.

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